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The version of this document is provided only for information purposes and does not have legal force. (hereinafter referred to? Investsocial?,? We? And all the grammar modifications) are very concerned about the safety and confidentiality of the user data. This regularly conducts testing to develop data protection. Make policy changes Investsocial has the right to change or modify privacy policy provisions. Investsocial will publish a notification of future changes to enable users to get used to modifications before they begin to apply. If you don't agree with any changes, you have the right to delete your account. To delete an account, send an email to technical support? If you continue to use investsocial after receiving a notification regarding changes in privacy policies, you automatically agree that the collection, use, and transfer of your personal data will be processed. This will also clarify for what purpose we collect and use it, and what steps we take to protect the data. By visiting the Investsocial Website, as well as using various ways to contact us, you confirm that you have read and approved this Privacy Policy, including Amendments, Processing Provisions, Storage, and Data Use. You also give your approval to process the data you provide during our cooperation and after the election. Definition Personal data is information relating to individuals that can be identified, namely the subject of personal data. Individuals that can be identified are people who can be identified, directly or indirectly, especially with reference to names, family names, identification numbers, location data, online identification, or through at least one specific feature of physical, psychological, genetic, mental identity , the economy, culture or social of the individual. Data processing is a variety of operations / actions taken either with and without automatic tools with personal data, including collection, analysis, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, modification, extraction, use, transmission, distribution, and provide access to them by way of worthiness , combine, limit, delete, or damage. Operators are individuals or personal legal entities, urban bodies or states, independently or together with others who determine the objectives and means of processing personal data; The objectives and means of processing are determined by the Association Law or Member State. Operators or criteria for nomination are provided by the Association Law or Member Countries. The processor is a private individual or legal entity, state bodies, city bodies, agencies or other bodies that process personal data on behalf of the operator. The approval of the subject of the data means that every indication given freely, specifically, informs, and not ambiguous about the wishes of the subject of the data with it, with a statement or with affirmative actions that clearly approve the processing of personal data related to the data. Registered users (hereinafter referred to as? Participants?) Talking about their activities, interacting with other participants, sharing knowledge and experience, viewing content on our website. They also gain business knowledge and capabilities and career development. Taking into account individual services, content and data investsocial are available for those who are not participants (visitors) websites. Because you are a visitor or participant of the Investsocial Form, collection, use, use and transfer of your personal data are regulated by this Privacy Policy and other documents mentioned in this Privacy Policy, as well as its adjustment. Our commitment Investsocial realizes the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data. By entrusting your personal data, you can be sure that it will be stored safely and will not be transferred to a third party. We take all the steps needed to protect and secure your personal data. What personal data we collect By registering on our website, you freely give us your identification data: name, family name e-mail phone number residence country This data is used for administrative records when you register as a participant to provide the most attractive service for you, as well as for marketing purposes. In the journey of cooperation, investsocial can request additional data, for example financial information and other information to ensure compliance with laws and verify reporting, if needed. We can collect your personal data through several different ways, which include, but are not limited to: The form is filled in on the website and when registering on the product / AP